Punching machine for sheet metal drilling and tinsmithery


Equipment for perforated sheet metal, drilling of strips and coils.

The punching machine for sheet metal EASY PUNCHING PO-A-20-TON completes the “EASY WORK LATTONERIA” line. This is an innovative machine for perforated sheet metal and for step-by-step drilling/notching of coils, thin strips and panels, with the production of printed accessories.
The innovations introduced in this equipment and the low initial investment allow each tinsmith to personally produce accessories and materials that have been available to date only from large manufacturers. In addition, the flexibility in the replacement of the mold, the quick adjustments, combined with any customizations requested by the customer allow you to create customized products according to your standards, distinguishing you in a market flattened by the competition.
Everything in one machine. The development and the technical innovations inserted, together with the new concepts of feeding and centering of the mold with the principle of processing flexibility, allow the adjustment of the pitch and position from the external edge even with the plant being processed. It can perform long reach operations with powers exceeding 18000 kg.
The strengths are the simple technical solutions adopted that have made it possible to reduce production times, the costs of the plant itself and the related molds supplied.
The guide rails allow the adjustment in bilateral auto-center both at the input and at the exit of the driver to guarantee greater stability. It is possible to work panels or strips outside the limit width without any additional adjustment, but only by changing the desired driver side.
The independent double drive head, with thrust equal to 300 kg, is easily convertible for the dragging of panels, wide belts and strips.
The double shoulder in special steel with a high elastic modulus allows to work outreach up to 450mm from the edge of the sheet through the crossing slot.
The large mold holder compartment increases the range of machining geometries, the particular hydraulic flow control system brings the speed to 600mm / min.