stud press

Semi-automatic stud press with interchangeable mold for the production of studs for tinsmithery.

Model: PI 4TON

The press allows you to produce studs using processing scraps of any shape or size. It is operated by a foot control. Our range of interchangeable molds allows to produce studs with a diameter of 18mm, 25mm and 30mm. It is possible on request to build molds for customized studs adaptable to the same press.
In addition to the pneumatically operated version, we build the hydraulic version, model PI4TON Easy. Both presses, in addition to the production of studs, allow, by quickly changing the mold, to produce “Batz” from scraps, using any type of sheet.
Our company supplies the fixing screws and the UPAM core that can be coupled to the batz produced by the press.