special installations

installations and industrial automation systems

In addition to the project implementation, our company builds every single mechanical component of the systems. Thanks to the technical experience of highly qualified operators, and to the quality and precision of our equipment, we can guarantee the quality of the final product. The most advanced automatic technologies in the field are used, making use, where necessary, of historical partners who support us in the development of special applications. Our technical office and our construction, assembly and maintenance departments compare and interface throughout the design and construction process up to the installation of the equipment. We manufacture pneumatic and manual hydraulic equipment equipped with automatic controls or manual control systems. Our company is not limited to solving problems relating to a single sector, but designs and  manufactures entirely industrial plants and machines with multiple applications. With the help of the customer, who provides the parameters dictated by their experience, we undertake a study aimed at creating the system for the specific use.


  1. Conveyor belts

  2. Premixed production plant

  3. Nougat cutter