Conveyors belts

conveyor and process belts

The uses of conveyor and process belts are manifold and almost always different from each other, we produce types and models suitable for the most diverse needs, for all industrial sectors and for any commodity sector that uses them for the movement of materials and goods. The impossibility to find intelligent systems for the transport and supply of parts for our automations on the market has prompted us to specialize in the construction of special automatic conveyor belts. Depending on the conditions of use of the conveyor belts, we make a correct choice of the most suitable type of material to be used by adapting the characteristics during the  construction phase.
In addition to the standard versions we build belts with flexible structures, equipped with wheels for movement and mechanical systems for inclined positioning, belts with transversal elements for specific needs, special belts. The latter are designed and built on the basis of their operating principle and can be equipped with auxiliary operator controls for external control or integrated with existing switchboards and automations, with  presence sensors and with systems for counting and advancing boxes for packaging systems.