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Industrial automation systems for assembly and production.

A 50 YEARS STORY! From the technical experience gained in the metalworking sector, Cosmo Nardi founded C.A.L. Snc in Turin in 1973. The artisan-based company is committed to and distinguishes itself, on the first years of activity, in the industrial automation branch for its ability to always adapt very flexibly to the different needs of its customers. It operates in various sectors: textile, automotive, paper converting and bookbinding and plastic, creating automatic assembly and processing systems. Boasting among its customers companies such as Ferrero Spa, Ferrarelle Spa, P.E.A. Spa, ICOM Sas, Remsa Spa, Fata Aluminum, establishing itself as a fundamental partner for the design and production of new production systems. From these successes, the founder’s incentive to transform the company was born. In fact, in 2003 the C.A.L. Snc is transformed by changing its seat and name to C.M.S. Srl. The entering of his children in the company and the creation of a new factory, located in Calabria, allows C.M.S. srl to change its appearance and transform itself into a new reality, leader in the sector of industrial mechanical design and construction. The strengthening of the Technical Office and the new production systems allow the company to become a fundamental partner for its customers, supporting them in the study phase of new products, setting the guidelines for transforming the idea into a concrete product in compliance with the parameters fundamental for our company: optimization of costs and
dedicated energies. Over the years, the C.M.S. has distinguished itself for its ability to meet the different needs of customers. To date, the company is structured as follows: – designs and builds automatic systems and machines around the production needs of our customers in all sectors by becoming a trusted partner, which assists and accompanies customers in creating their products by giving the necessary technical support; – personally manufactures and markets a series of machine lines in the plumbing (construction, metal and rain coverings), confectionery and forestry sectors; – invests a substantial share of company resources and energy in research and development of new projects and new technologies. This is the strategic philosophy that made C.M.S. a company able to respond quickly and flexibly to new and diversified customer needs.