special systems for tinsmithery

Machines for the production of sheet metal components and gutters, studs, downpipes, collars, heads, caps and vents

Our company has been committed and has been operating with passion for more than 20 years in the sheet metal industry, keeping up with its continuous evolutions, mainly in the field of building sheet metal and metal roofing, creating specific equipment to support the tinsmiths installers and manufacturers of accessories. As a result of the continuous changes in materials and production processes, various equipment that we still produce and market today has emerged during these years. We help your technicians in the design of new products, making available our know-how necessary to determine the right production process of the article at a preliminary stage. All stages of construction of our equipment are followed in our factories from the design to conclude with testing, making use of commercial partnerships and support techniques in the pneumatic and hydraulic sectors. We personally carry out quality checks on commercial components using only “Made in Italy” products.
We build:

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic presses for small accessories: studs, caps, batz and other components;

  • Hydraulic presses with relative molds;Hammering and embossing machines;

  • Deep drawing and shearing molds;

  • Pipe clamping and tapering machines;

  • Tube expanding machines, belling machines;

  • Pipe and profile cutters: pipes, conduits, sheet metal profiles;

  • Presses and iron bending machines for brackets and tie rods.