sheet metal and sheet metal molds

Design and construction of sheet metal molds, tinsmith molds, for the production of gutter parts and components.

Molds for processing and manufacturing sheet metal accessories, for the production of accessories in tinsmithery, construction carpentry, photovoltaics, windows, shutters, construction systems. Step molds and transfer molds and punching units also for other sectors. We deal with the design, construction and assembly of molds for cold working and deformation of both sheet metal and sheet metal. We build and design molds for drawing, punching, deforming and bending, molds for drilling and cutting, block molds. With our equipment we make small, medium and large molds. We satisfy the needs and requests of every type of industry and we specialize in the sheet metal and sheet metal industry with the production of molds dedicated to our presses. Our molds are designed through parametric three-dimensional advanced modeling software such as Solidworks, specific for complex mechanical devices. We also have the possibility to digitize prototypes directly on customer’s suggestion. We build the molds in all their parts, we test them ensuring high-quality customized processes. We guarantee the customer constant technical support and product maintenance with a punctual and precise service. We carry out repairs, modifications and reconstructions of existing molds.