who we are

Design and construction of special machines for industry

CMS is a company born from long experience gained in the metalworking and automation sector in the sector of design and construction of special machines. Over the years, we have made our staff available to solve production problems related to many sectors of industry, such as:

  •  paper making and bookbinding
  • sheet metal and tinsmythery
  •  forest industry
  •  confectionery industry
  • furniture industry

always creating cutting-edge equipment and obtaining excellent results in terms of production times and economic impact. Using high precision techniques and machinery and using excellent metalworking technicians, we are able to build any type of mechanical detail. We can also solve problems of malfunction or technological modernization of existing plants and machines by applying the latest generation industrial automation technologies. With the experience of our qualified technicians, and the quality and precision of our equipment: parallel lathes, universal milling machines, milling machines for toolmaking, boring machines, grinding machines (for
internal, external, flat surfaces), balancing machines and various workshop equipment, we can guarantee the quality of the final product. The dimensions of each single detail are constantly checked, during production, through suitable control tools. Once the production is completed, each single component is checked, on the basis of the technical drawing, in the metrology laboratory through highly precise measuring instruments such as: granite countertop, micrometers, bore gauges, precision gauges, various control instruments including: projector of profiles, hardness tester. Once this control phase is completed, every detail undergoes a surface treatment suitable for the protection by atmospheric agents. At the end of this phase we carry out the complete assembly of the equipment which includes the assembly of the parts made by us, the wiring of all the
electrical parts, the assembly of the pneumatic and oildynamic parts, any accident prevention guards, to make the machine complete and ready for the first testing phase. Making sure that the machine, in all its parts has been assembled correctly, we proceed to the functional test by checking the resistance of the materials, the correct functioning of the electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts starting with a first experimental production phase, bringing, in the case in they need, the necessary changes. A subsequent test is then carried out where the processes are fully verified and the proper functioning of the equipment is approved.
We create all kinds of mechanical equipment from scratch, manual, semi-automatic mechanical equipment with pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical drives. We study and manufacture molds for metal sheets. We carry out all types of mechanical processing using our knowledge in the sector and making use of our precision mechanical equipment. We have always worked to create and build quality machines using cutting-edge technologies.