premixed production plant

Mixing and bagging plant for powders and granules

The realization was born from the need in the construction sector for a machine capable of dosing, mixing and bagging lightened premixes with relatively low densities in thermo-acoustic applications such as substrates and plasters. The plant integrates everything that in a classic line would be composed of three distinct machines: A dosing machine, a mixing machine and a bagging machine. While here the three phases are managed by a single automation. The particular patented volumetric dosing system allows to accurately dose materials whose density would make the classic dosing by weight with load cells difficult. The mixing takes place by internal rotation in depression avoiding product and dust spills. The bagging, which can be managed both manually and automatically, is placed directly on the mixing mouth. The solutions adopted in this plant guarantee
the correct proportioning of the materials in the bag so as to keep the product property values ​​constant and traceable. The solutions adopted in this type of system today find application in various sectors. The construction is designed so that both dosing and mixing can treat multiproducts, this means that the machine treats different raw materials in the same way and without additional adjustments: cement, eps in pearls, expanded clay, cellulose, plastic granules, hemp in minced fiber, and all materials in powder or with a grain size not exceeding ø 10.0.