Easy series machines

The continuous research in the development of new processing technologies and the long experience in the branch of cold deformation of metal sheets, has allowed to create a specific and professional line of machines called “Easy Work”cutting forming and punching sheet metal. Each machine was born from a specific processing requirement, made according to the highest technical standards, flexibility and customization. The line is characterized by practical machines that always lend themselves to being converted for other uses to make your work flexible and dynamic. A series of innovative professional equipment for the specific sector of building plumbing that allow the manufacturer to untie himself from the classic system of supplying accessories, with the advantage of producing in the desired quantities and at the right time without having to stock more.
Thanks to these equipments the customer is able to become an independent producer with a low initial investment. Each machine can be configured to your liking according to the specific need thanks to the additional accessories that can be widely customized. Our technical department is always ready to find the right solution for your need by evaluating its feasibility and searching for the right solution.

Make up this series:



  1. Punching

  2. Cutting line – slitter

  3. Belling

  4. Pipe cutting shears

  5. Pneumatic Press

  6. Hydraulic press

  7. Reels and unwinders